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The training and holiday centre of the Maardu Manor is located in the close vicinity of Tallinn, just 16 km from the city centre in the direction of Narva. The history of the manor dates back to the 14th century. The recently renovated marvellous ensemble is a perfect opportunity to take in the beauty of a genuine manor. We offer rooms for conferences, office parties and wedding celebrations.
The Maardu Manor, the construction history of which dates back to some three hundred years, is one of the oldest and most valuable fully completed manor ensembles in Harju County. Owing to persons related to the manor, the place is also important from the point of view of cultural history. The most well-known of the former owners of the Maardu manor is general Hermann Jensen von Bohn, who helped finance the publication of the first Estonian-language Bible in 1739.

Maardu Manor


Harju maakond, Jõelähtme vald,

Maardu küla, Mõisa tee 7

Tel: +372 668 0649
E-mail: maardu@eestipank.ee
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